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Laser Eye Surgery Cost

Laser Eye Surgery Cost

The cost of laser eye surgery depends on the kind of treatment you undergo and your exact requirement. The range at The Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Clinic is affordable for all patients.

LASEK Wavefront

This improves your LASEK treatment with the help of our innovative Wavefront technology

Our laser eye surgery cost starts from £995 per eye

LASIK Wavefront

This enhances your treatment with the most advanced technology in the industry.

Prices begin from £1195 per eye


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Important factors to consider

  • The procedure
  • The surgeon
  • The clinic

About our Procedure and Technology

The different kinds of laser surgery will vary in cost and not all of them are suitable for all eye conditions.

Prices start from £1500 per eye.

All our LASIK treatments are blade-free

Procedure: All-Laser LASIK is a two-step procedure in which two different lasers are used. Firstly, an ophthalmologist or eye surgeon uses a femtosecond laser to form a flap at the top layer of the cornea. The excimer laser will then be used to reshape the corneal tissue. This laser eye surgery is perfect for people who have astigmatism and are near-sighted or farsighted.

Technology: Excimer laser and femtosecond laser.

Cost: The most expensive technology for laser eye surgery is a femtosecond laser, which does carry a higher cost. The bladeless laser will create a corneal flap in a more precise way than the traditional microkeratome blade and is at the cutting edge of treatment. All-Laser LASIK surgery starts from £1195 per eye.

Medication & aftercare

Our laser eye surgery costs in London, UK include aftercare appointments during the first 12 months and all medication in the first 6 months after the initial surgery. Any appointments you need to attend after this time are charged as follows:

Optometrist £75

Ophthalmic Surgeon/Ophthalmologist £150


The Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Clinic

High street laser providers

Hospital chains

Free Consultation

consultant led

Led by marketing

Fee applies

Aftercare team

consultant led

Various, no consistency

Consultant led

Duration of aftercare

20 years, free first year

few months

few months

Fixed, Transparent pricing



Consultant led


Medication and eye drops

12 Months

3 Months


Excellent trust pilot rating



0% intrest free credits

24 months



Customised wavefront treatment

depend on the fees


Meet your surgeon

All along your journey

Day of surgery or minimal interaction

Partially, depend on hospital

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