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LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery is a surgical procedure suitable for correction of about 90% of poor eyesight. The procedure is a safe one and offers outstanding results. It is also one of the most common elective surgical procedures performed in our clinic and worldwide.

What Is Involved In LASIK Eye Surgery?

Our eyes let us see things by ensuring that light is accessible through the front portion of our eye, called cornea. The cornea focuses light on the retina; then this information is passed to the brain through your optic nerve for interpretation.

For people with long eyeballs, the image focus in front of the retina, leading to short-sightedness, while for people with short eyeballs, the image forms behind the retina, which leads to long-sightedness.

During laser eye surgery, the surgeon correctly shapes the cornea to allow it to focus images directly on the retina. This makes the patient see clearly without needing contact lenses or glasses.

Cost Of LASIK Eye Surgery

The eyes are a vital part of your body, and you do not have to hold back in spending to make the eyes function correctly. Our LASIK eye surgery is affordable, costing from about £3950 for the two eyes.

You can take advantage of our transparent pricing and zero-interest credit plan, which offers you the opportunity to pay for your treatment over six, ten or twenty-four months.


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Why Opt For Our LASIK Eye Surgery

The procedure is cost-efficient

With LASIK eye surgery, you get to save more money you could have spent on glasses and contact lenses in the future.

Outstanding result

If you do not have any other visual problems and your prescription is a common one, you would likely get a 20/20 vision after your LASIK procedure.

Researches have shown that when done correctly, LASIK is effective and safe and most Ophthalmic Consultants in London have used it to give their patients a 20/20 vision and in some cases, a better sight from both eyes.

Patient satisfaction

Some research has shown that most patients who undergo LASIK eye surgery are satisfied with the result, and you can be sure that at the end of your LASIK procedure, you will be happy with the result.

Treatment of unusual prescription

If you have presbyopia or your prescription turns out to be a high one, LASIK can comfortably correct it. The procedure gives results that most people deem impossible.

LASIK Eye Surgery Process


During the consultation, our consultant will give you a detailed explanation of the procedure and also tell you about the potential benefits and risks it comes with. This allows you to consider the perks and risks to determine if the process is suitable for you.


The procedure is usually a painless one, and it takes about 10 – 15 minutes. You will receive anaesthetic drops to help numb the site of the surgery. The surgeon will use a femtosecond laser on the cornea to create a very thin cut on it. Next, the surgeon will gently reflect the flap to enable the reshaping of the cornea by the second laser (the excimer laser).

During the procedure, we use a sophisticated pupil tracking device to ensure the process is safe and accurate. If your eyes move during the surgery, the laser will respond accordingly to the movement of the eye or stop automatically if the need arises. This lets the surgeon reposition the flap before working on your other eye.


You may experience dryness in your eyes, an infection, glare or reduced vision at night, but these symptoms are common after this eye surgery. They are also temporary and will stop after a while.


Our consultant will guide you after the surgery and inform you of the dos and don'ts if you want to have a successful recovery. For instance, you need to avoid rubbing the eyes, stay away from dust and dirt, and avoid contact with water during your recovery period.

Why Is Our LASIK Eye Surgery Unique?

Tailor-made treatment

We always offer treatment plants suitable for each patient. We aim to provide outstanding services and have a perfect result at the end of the surgery, so we consider each patient's visual needs and personal preference to create the treatment plan.

Professional healthcare providers

We have surgeons known worldwide to perform outstanding LASIK eye surgery. Our doctors, nurses, and anaesthetists are experts at what they do.

Sophisticated technology

We understand that LASIK eye surgery needs precision and accuracy, so we have invested heavily in acquiring advanced and recent surgical technology. We are not affiliated with any particular manufacturers and are at liberty to get the best surgical equipment.

Our LASIK Eye Surgery Technology

Using faster laser increases accuracy and makes the surgery safer. This means that we would conserve more of your eye tissue during the surgery.

At our clinic, we use faster laser for all our surgeries, including LASIK eye surgery. We perform our LASIK eye surgery with a wavefront-optimised, bladeless guided procedure, and the procedure combines these two accurate and fast laser.

  • The Schwind Amaris 1050RS Excimer Laser made in Germany. We use this to reshape the cornea, and it enables tissue conservation by removing less than 50% tissue when compared to other lasers, and it also does this in a shorter time.
  • The Ziemer Z-8 low energy femtosecond laser made in Switzerland- used to create the flap.

Is LASIK safe?

Several surgeons have successfully carried out thousands of LASIK procedures worldwide. The procedure is currently the most elective eye surgical procedure for adults. It now has the latest technology which has helped address and reduced most of the problems encountered during the surgery.

However, like other surgeries, there are some risks. The expertise of the surgeon also plays a role in the success of the surgery. At our clinic, we have experienced surgeons who use the latest technology to treat different types of prescriptions.

Laser Blended Vision

This is a unique and new treatment option for people affected by presbyopia, and need reading glasses. This treatment involves the use of LASIK eye surgery to adjust each eye, so one serves the purpose of distance vision while the other serves for close vision. After the procedure, the brain gradually adapts to each eye, focusing on different distances.


Patients who have a high prescription can include LASIK eye surgery in a combined treatment called bioptics. Bioptics helps to correct the majority of refractive errors using implantable contact lens or refractive lens exchange. After the surgery, the surgeon will refine ant remaining refractive error using the advanced Z-LASIK.

Only well-trained refractive surgeons can carry out bioptics because the procedure requires the expertise of multi-skilled surgeons. Our surgeons are well experienced in laser surgery and implant placement which makes them among the few surgeons carrying out this rare procedure.

To meet with one of our well-trained consultants and have your surgery performed by one of the few experienced surgeons, contact Optimal Vision on 020 71833622 to book an appointment with us.


Exclusive laser eye surgery offers in London.

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The Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Clinic

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