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Presbymax is a complex laser eye surgery procedure, available solely on Schwind Amaris 1050RS. You can undergo Presbymax surgical procedure to correct long-sightedness (hyper myopia), astigmatism (irregularly shaped eye), short-sightedness (myopia), and presbyopia (reading vision problem).

What Does Presbymax Involve?

Presbymax is a surgery that helps in the adjustment of the eye optics and extends the non-dominant eye's depth of focus. The extension of the depth of focus creates a smoother transition between close and far objects to give a complete range of focus.

Presbymax treatment is less invasive because it does not require the surgeon to replace or touch the lens. The procedure also very common and requires only a few minutes. It alters the cornea and how it focuses the light entering into the eye. Usually, the cornea channels light from one focus point, but this treatment shapes the cornea in a way that it directs light accurately from more than a focal point.

The Difference Between PresbymaxAnd Presbyond

There are a few differences between Presbymax and Presbyond laser treatment for blended vision. The differences lie in the extent each laser treatment changes the shape of the eye, the technology used, and the level of near-sightedness the non-dominant eye is made to have.

  • Minimally invasive

Presbymax and Presbyond laser treatment procedures both need anaesthetic eye drops, and they require the surgeon to make a flap in the cornea before using a laser to reshape the cornea.

However, Presbymax conserves a lot of tissues and requires less laser ablation to change the cornea to the right shape.

  • Quick procedure

Presbymax and Presbyond treatment procedures only take a few minutes, but Presbymax is faster than Presbyond by a few seconds.


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Why Is The Schwind Amaris Laser A Superior Process

During a Presbymax procedure, the surgeon makes only a small change in shape, and this only creates a little difference between the two eyes. The Presbymax uses a 1050 Hz repetition speed and combined with 7-dimensional eye tracking which only the Schwind Amaris 1050RS laser can achieve. This creates room for a high level of precision that maximises the patient's visual comfort without using glasses.

This feature of Presbymax makes it a superior treatment than Presbyond. You not only see things clearly which the standard LASIK laser eye surgery achieves but you can focus clearly on distant objects, intermediately ranged objects, and read close. You can achieve all these without using glasses.

Who Can Undergo Presbymax

Some patients are not suitable for Presbymax. The following persons may be able to undergo Presbymax treatment procedure.

  • People have only presbyopia and those who have astigmatism, myopia or hyper myopia in addition to presbyopia.
  • People affected by presbyopia and have already undergone cataract surgery, and want to be able to read without getting implants for a corrective lens.
  • People affected by presbyopia and have received laser treatment to correct vision problems like astigmatism, myopia and hyper myopia.

The surgeon will carry out a thorough exam on you to determine a suitable treatment.

The Treatment Procedure ForPresbymax

  • Preparing for the procedure

You would have to stop wearing your contact lenses for some days before the surgery. The surgeon will try to ensure your ocular surface are optimised before the surgery using warm eyelid compresses and nutritional supplements.

  • The treatment

The surgeon will use the bladeless all-laser treatment by first creating a microscopic ultra-thin flap on the cornea's surface using the Zeimer Z8 femtosecond laser. Next, the surgeon will model the cornea using the Schwind Amaris 1050RS laser.

Before the process, the anaesthetist will numb your eye by applying anaesthetic drops. This makes the process painless. The surgeon uses each laser for only a few seconds, so the procedure lasts for a few minutes.

  • Recovery

You are allowed to go home to rest for a few hours after the surgery. By the next day, you should have an excellent vision to carry out most of your regular activities like reading, watching TV, working and driving.

Try not to engage in any vigorous exercise for about five days after your treatment. You can carry out simple activities after about three days, and you can shower by the next day. It is best if you avoid applying makeup for about three days after the treatment and swimming for two weeks after treatment.

By the next day after your treatment, you would regain distance, reading and intermediate vision and be able to perform your regular activities without glasses.

Your natural vision and comfort will gradually adjust and improve for several weeks to about three months after your treatment.

Cost OfPresbymax Treatment

 At our clinic, Presbymax treatment costs about £5000 for the two eyes. You may decide to pay for your treatment using our treatment plan, which allows you to pay about £188 every month.

We offer transparent pricing and accept a 0% interest credit payment for a specific number of months. You may opt for the 6, 10 or 24-month payment plan which makes the treatment affordable. You would have to make a minimum deposit of 10% of the total cost of your treatment and subsequently pay off the balance every month.


Exclusive laser eye surgery offers in London.

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The Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Clinic

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Why Choose Us

  • We have a fixed transparent pricing
  • We offer 0% credit payment over 24 months
  • We have a five-star rating
  • WE have surgeon only affiliated with our clinic
  • We offer aftercare for up to 15 years

What Makes Our Presbymax Treatment Outstanding?

  • Tailor-made treatment

We create a treatment plan to suit each patient depending on the patient's eye condition, preference, and individual visual needs.

  • Professional healthcare providers

We have top-rated surgeons who have successfully carried out thousands of surgeries. Our anaesthetists and doctors are also experienced, and you can be sure your health will be in the hands of experts.

  • Latest technology

Eye treatments and surgeries require precision, and we have taken our time to invest in the most advanced and latest technology to ensure that all our procedures are done correctly. We are not affiliated with a particular manufacturer and are at liberty to get equipment from any manufacturer.

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