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The LASIK, a part of Optimal Vision, is the leading laser eye surgery clinic in Harley Street, London. We can help with different laser eye surgery options to patients in and around London area for correcting vision problems. Our team of experienced eye surgeons conduct laser eye surgery and have already completed several treatments that makes them leaders in their field.

Our experienced eye surgeons who will help to correct the problem of blurred vision so that you attain the best result from laser eye surgery. With clinical precision and technical expertise, our eye surgeon has redefined the success level of this treatment through different eyesight correction procedures.

Our reputed surgeons will improve your eyesight and make life easier by giving you freedom from wearing glasses and lenses. The laser eye surgery will take just a few seconds to minutes based on the level of eye correction that needs to be done.

Laser eye consultations are there at The LASIK. During the consultation session, we will discuss about LASIK and LASEK, which are two types of laser eye treatments at our eye clinics in London. We use advance Wavefront technology for our patients with no extra costs (under different brand names like iDesign, CATs, Cornea Wavefront) .

Laser Eye Surgery - Achieve 20|20 Vision

Are you looking to improve your eye sight for clearer vision?

You may contact our doctors and perform laser eye surgery at the clinic!

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery, also called laser vision correction, is a method where lasers are used for reshaping your eyes cornea (surface) so that the individuals can focus in a better way, even with poor vision due to high prescription.

Who is the right candidate for laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery is not a suitable option for everyone. The eligibility of a good candidate for laser eye surgeries are the following:

  • At least 18 years
  • Stable prescription
  • No history of active corneal disease in the past
  • No significant dry eye
  • No significant eye or medical problem such as diabetic retinopathy, earlier corneal ulcers, keratoconus or progressive thinning of your cornea, glaucoma or macular degeneration.
  • Not pregnant or nursing.

What can laser eye surgery do?

Laser eye surgery can help in treating these eye conditions:

  • Short sightedness (myopia)
  • Long sightedness (hyperopia)
  • Presbyopia
  • Astigmatism

There are many examples when laser eye surgery can help to improve your eyesight greatly by removing contact lenses or eye glasses completely.

So, if you are suffering blurred vision, finding it difficult to wear contact lenses or eye glasses, struggling to read properly or other vision problems, then laser eye surgery may help to lessen these issues, if they cannot be corrected fully.

Different Kinds of Laser Eye Surgery We Provide

Lasek Eye Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery, also known as Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis, is the commonly used surgery for the correction of long-sight, short-sight, presbyopia and astigmatism.

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LASEK (PRK) Eye Surgery

LASEK (PRK) Eye Surgery

LASEK and PRK laser eye treatments can help in reshaping your cornea to correct some abnormalities and prescription, like in case of LASIK. The correct prescription similarly and both use same excimer laser The only difference with LASEK is that there isn’t any flap in your cornea therefore has slower recovery just by few days, candidate with thiner cornea of irregularities or if they are invoke with intense contact sport may be a candidate for this option , for lower prescription both option are very similar.

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Lens & Cataract Surgery We Provide

Refractive Lens Exchange

Refractive Lens Exchange or RLE

Refractive Lens Exchange or RLE is a procedure that have been designed and developed for restoring distance and reading vision after age of presbyopia (need for reading glasses) usually after age of 46 years old. It is considered to be an alternative treatment option to laser vision correction particularly if reading is main issue.

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Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery can help in restoring reduced or blurred vision by replacing misty lens in your eye through a new lens implant. Cataract surgery is the most common surgery of any speciality in the UK, with estimate of 300,000 procedures done in a year.

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Step by Step Process for Laser Eye Surgery at Our Eye Clinic


initial screening of laser eye surgery

The entire procedure starts with a telephone call from our specialist or trained staff who conduct initial screening to ensure you are the right candidate for refractive eye surgery and to determine which rout or option seems best your visual requirement.


Pre-treatment phase for laser eye surgery

After the initial telephonic consultation, you will be booked in for a free consultation of laser eye surgery with one of our specialist to find out your suitability and perform all our pre-treatment checks and scans.


Your laser eye surgery treatment

The treatment takes nearly 10 to 15 minutes for both the eyes and does not involve any pain or discomfort. You will go through extensive testing and scans as well as review by our consultant at the clinic before your treatment start but treatment is straight forward, your eye surgeon and our team go through many steps and checks before proceed with your surgery.


After laser eye surgery or Post-Op recovery

Once the procedure is done, we go through your aftercare drops and recommendations just before you leave us to go home for rest.

Reasons to choose us for Laser Eye Surgery in London

01 Tailor-made treatment plan

Our laser eye surgery is not a one-size-fits-all kind of surgery. The surgeon will always work with you to create a treatment plan that is suitable for you. This ensures that you get the perfect procedure to enhance your vision or correct the eye condition.

02 Technology-based treatment

Laser eye surgery requires precision and our surgeons use advanced laser technology to achieve this. We use the most advanced technology to carry out our laser eye surgery, and we do not restrict ourselves to any particular manufacturer.

why choose

03 Professional healthcare providers

We have renowned surgeons who are arguably the best in the country. Our surgeons, with the help of other doctors and anaesthetists, have completed thousands of laser eye surgery, and you can be sure that expert surgeons will perform your surgery.

04 Reliable experts

We take an honest approach to all our treatments and have our patient's best interest at heart, so we work with this in mind to carefully perform the surgery. Our patients are confident in us to carry out perfect surgeries.


Optimal Vision

High street laser providers

Hospital chains

Free Consultation

consultant led

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Aftercare team

consultant led

Various, no consistency

Consultant led

Duration of aftercare

20 years, free first year

few months

few months

Fixed, Transparent pricing

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Consultant led

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Medication and eye drops

12 Months

3 Months


Excellent trust pilot rating

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0% intrest free credits

24 months



Customised wavefront treatment


depend on the fees


meet your surgeon

All along your journey

Day of surgery or minimal interaction

Partially, depend on hospital

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Laser Eye Surgery FAQs

Laser eye surgery is safe and among the popular surgical procedures throughout the world. like any surgical treatment, there will be some degree of risk though this although very minimal. The main reason Laser vision correction is consider to be safe is extensive screening, this has made laser eye surgery very safe and in fact estimated 50 million individual has received laser eye surgery worldwide with to its high efficacy and safety, Our clinic utilises the latest technology of screening some of which includes advance topography of cornea, epithelial mapping, and examination by experience specialist to be sure about your safety before offer you any treatment.

Laser eye surgery is a quick process which usually lasts from a few seconds to some minutes.You will undergo the surgery for almost ten minutes for both eyes which includes preparations cleaning and anaesthesia. The time needed for the laser to be applied on your eyes is only few seconds with our advance technology hence convenient and straight forward for patients.

Most patients reach to 20/20 vision within first 24 hours after the surgery. You can see great improvement once the recovery phase ends which will depend on several factors such as the type of treatment done, your age and the ability to heal quickly or your health status. It is suggested that you ask someone to accompany you on the day of surgery and first follow up appointment just to be in safe side although some arrange door to door drop up.

The effects of this surgery are usually permanent and only minimal age related changes is expected however, age related changes in our eyes and prescription continue although slow, majority maintain good distance for many years to come, The average percentage of age related change is almost 1% for each year.

Laser eye surgery generally works by reshaping the surface of your eyes called cornea and re-direct the light to be focused in the right place in the retina or back of our eyes and help to see sharper. The method does not involve any pain and is fast.

Long-sightedness or hyperopia happens when the focusing power of your eyes get weaker with age. This means you see objects that are far away in a better way than the ones which are close by. We use top quality Schwind lasers technology for the treatment of long-sightedness which is much beyond other models available in the market. some individual may require lens surgery for this condition and your specialist will explain all options in your consultation.

Short-sightedness, also called myopia is a refractive condition when individual can focus on objects when they are close but their far distance is blurry. Myopia develops during the childhood and teenage years which can affect almost a quarter of the entire population. laser treatment for short sight is very common and considered to be an effective and safe method.

Yes, this generally happens when the eyes shape is uneven just like rugby ball in comparison to football. You will be able to focus partially on an object while blurring happens at all distances. Modern laser which we use at Optimal Vision are very effective in astigmatism.

The cost of laser eye surgery may be somewhere from £2,400 to £3,750 upwards for each eye. At our clinic, the pricing starts from £995 - £1195 per eye, depend of your prescription nd type of surgery unlike some other providers we are very transparent about our pricing and you can get an estimate before you visit us for free consultation to avoid confusion or unexpected fees. We also have wide range of financing to spread the total cost to months of instalments, ask our team for further information.

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Dr Mani has performed more than 20,000 ophthalmic procedures, including LASIK, LASEK, PRK, Femto Cataract, RLE, Lens ICL and Phakic IOL surgery

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